The Blog / November 2018

Le Beck speaks to The National on Bahrain’s elections

“These elections, therefore, are a test to see how willing the majority Shiite population is to participate despite the opposition boycott and the steps taken by the government against such groups in recent years,” said Miriam Goldman Eps, Head of Intelligence at Le Beck, a consultancy group based in Bahrain.

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Le Beck talks to The Telegraph on the escalation in Gaza

The rapid firing of rockets appeared to be an effort to overwhelm Israel’s Iron Dome missile system, which has been successful in intercepting rockets from Gaza. Israel said the Iron Dome intercepted 60 rockets, while many of the others fell in open areas.

“This is the most intense barrage since 2014 in terms of number of rockets fired in a short time,” said Michael Horowitz, deputy head of intelligence at the Le Beck analysis firm.

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Libération (FR) talks to Le Beck on the Gaza-Israel escalation

Le porte-parole de l’armée euphémise : «Les forces spéciales ont conduit une opération longue et rencontré une réalité complexe.» La directive Hannibal, qui permet l’usage massif de la force lors du rapt d’un soldat, au risque (voire dans le but) de le tuer pour éviter qu’il devienne une monnaie d’échange, a-t-elle été appliquée, alors qu’elle est censément abandonnée depuis 2016 ? «Fort possible, mais il n’y aura jamais de confirmation, c’est totalement tabou en Israël», note l’analyste franco-israélien Michael Horowitz.

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