Le Beck’s head of intelligence was quoted in L’Orient le Jour (FR) regarding the purported dispute between the UAE and Israel regarding the F-35 fighter jet in the wake of the normalization agreement. Below are some of the quotes (translated):

“The F-35 is a last-generation fighter, characterized by its stealth ability and electronic counter-measures, which make it difficult to be detected by air defences”.

“I don’t think the acquisition of the F-35 truly is a priority for the UAE, but this would represent a US ‘stamp of approval’ on Abu Dhabi’s regional ambitions”.

“This alleged dispute shouldn’t be blown out of proportion and neither should the importance of the F-35 jet in negotiations between Israel and the UAE.” “The UAE surely is angered by Netanyahu’s behaviour as he stated he would do everything in his power to prevent the acquisition of the F-35 by Abu Dhabi. But I am not certain the UAE ever thought acquiring the F-35 was realistic in the first place.”