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Le Beck’s Senior Analyst discusses Sweden’s options with regards to Northeastern Syria in latest oped

In his latest oped (Swedish), Le Beck’s Senior Regional Security Analyst, Nick Grinstead, discusses Sweden’s options to influence the current situation in northeastern Syria, particularly with regards to the ongoing tensions between Turkey and Kurdish groups controlling parts of northern Syria.

Le Beck Senior Analyst speaks at the Middle East Studies Forum’s panel on proxy dynamics and peace in Syria

Le Beck’s Senior Regional Security Analyst took part in a panel discussing proxy dynamics and peace in Syria.

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Le Beck Analyst’s latest oped in the National Interest: Conflict in the Eastern Mediterranean is About Much More than Natural Gas

Le Beck’s Regional Analyst Gareth Jonas discusses the factors behind the ongoing tensions in the Eastern Mediterranean, arguing that these cannot solely be explained by gas discoveries.

Le Beck Senior Analyst quoted in the National on recent Russian airstrikes against Turkish-backed rebels

Le Beck’s Senior Regional Security Analyst Nick Grinstead was quoted in The National News on the message of warning sent by Russia to Turkey with the airstrikes in Faylaq al Sham Syrian rebel troops in Idlib. 

Le Beck Head of Intelligence quoted on expect US-Israel relations under Biden

Le Beck’s Head of Intelligence was quoted in L’Orient le Jour (FR) regarding the impact of a Biden Presidency on the US-Israel relations: 

Israel has to turn the page on four years of personal ‘bromance’ between the two leaders. “Never has a President been so close to fully embracing Netanyahu’s vision of Israel’s national security interests” highlighted Michael Horowitz. 


“It would be wrong to assume that Trump’s vision [of a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict] was just an accident of history. It was a warning that with time, the Palestinian position is eroding and the prospect of a fair solution to the conflict vanishing.”

Le Beck’s Junior Analyst discusses Shiite militias’ economic influence in Iraq in his latest oped

In his latest oped for the National Interest, Le Beck’s Junior Analyst, Tom Webster argues that Iraqi PM Mustafa al-Khadimi should also take on the Popular Mobilization Units’ (PMUs) economic influence to restore Baghdad’s sovereignty.

Le Beck Senior Analyst quoted in L’Orient le Jour on possible US strike against Iran

Senior Regional Security Analyst Nick Grinstead was quoted in L’Orient Le Jour on the prospects of an American strike against Iran in the waning months of the Trump presidency. 

“The Trump administration, especially US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, would be very receptive to any wish by Israel to strike Iran in the coming months […] The question would be above all to know if they would go so far as to launch the operation since it would have to be a joint decision [by the two countries]”

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