Position openings:

There are no vacancies at this time

Internship opportunities:

Le Beck’s team of analysts accepts applications for remote unpaid internships on a rolling basis. A commitment of at least four to six months and four days a week is required with a preference for those able to work in the Middle East Time Zone (GMT +1,2 or 3) and during the Middle Eastern week (Sunday through Thursday). CVs, cover/motivation letters, and writing samples can be sent to
















Company Philosophy:

“Working for a small, but tight-knit company like Le Beck gave me the opportunity to further develop my expertise, but also learn more about the many other tasks that relate to the management of our client’s security and intelligence needs.  Here, you aren’t “just” an analyst or “just” in marketing, but are a valued team member whose opinions and ideas are always welcome.”

Michael Horowitz, Head of Intelligence.

International experience. Local knowledge.