Senior Management Team

Anthony J Tesar, Group Chief Executive Officer

Anthony Tesar is a leading Risk Management and Security specialist with more than 20 years of international experience in the public, government, and corporate sectors and a distinguished career in the British Army as a Bomb Disposal Officer. He has served in Northern Ireland, the South Atlantic, the Balkans, East Timor, Sierra Leone, South & Central America, and the Middle East.

An expert in the use, deployment, and mitigation of explosive, incendiary, chemical, biological, and radiological terrorist devices, he was appointed by the head of the UN Monitoring, Verification, and Inspection Commission (UNMOVIC) as a weapons inspector in Iraq. He went on to work for both the UK and US governments in post-war Iraq to assist in intelligence gathering and counter-terrorism operations.

In immediate response to the events of 9/11, Anthony was invited to assist and work with US federal and government agencies, US Special Forces teams, and the US Department of Defence in an advisory capacity to train agency and Special Forces operatives in counter terrorism and attack mitigation techniques. He performed a similar role within the Mexican Special Forces before moving to the Middle East to set up his niche practice – Le Beck International Ltd.
Anthony maintains numerous connections with international academic and specialist advisory bodies worldwide.

Craig Compton, Chief Financial Officer

Craig Compton has spent the last two decades working with Fortune 500 technology companies at Finance Director level and holds an impressive record for executing corporate strategies and driving organic and acquisitive growth.

A qualified FCCA accountant, Craig founded his own consultancy group in 2012 to provide guidance and financial advice to companies looking to grow or undergo change, supplying counsel on turnaround, growth strategies, and exit planning.

Tengku Fahad, Director

Tengku Fahad is an established business and industry expert and brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. Son of the late Tengku Ibrahim, and a descendant of the Pahang royal lineage in Malaysia, he has an extensive network of influential figures across a multitude of disciplines and has been instrumental in facilitating their success both socially and economically.

Timothy Sangawa, Director

Timothy Sangawa is an International Business graduate from Durham University (UK) and sits on the Board of Directors of a number of International businesses across a wide range of industry sectors. Over the past decade he has been based in UK, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Japan, Singapore and most recently Malaysia.

At Le Beck, Timothy is engaged in business enterprise and expansion, particularly throughout the South East Asia region. With his international expertise and his communications, organisational and project management skillsets, he is well positioned to deliver Le Beck’s services where they are most needed.

David Garbutt, Chief Operations Officer

David Garbutt is a highly accomplished crisis management, security and risk professional with extensive protective security, counterintelligence and corporate risk experience. David has delivered customer-focused outcomes on multimillion dollar projects for demanding clients with compressed timelines.

As COO, David leads, manages and holds the vision necessary to ensure that Le Beck has the proper operational controls and administrative and reporting procedures in place to effectively grow the organisation and to ensure operating efficiency of our Senior Advisory Team.

During a distinguished career as a Military Policeman in the British Army, David has conducted operations within Northern Ireland, Western Europe, the Balkans, Sierra Leone, Pakistan and the Middle East. David is a member of both the International Security Institute and the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS).

Andrew Deamer, Senior Security Advisor

Andrew Deamer is an experienced and well-respected specialist in the training and management of Security Guard Forces, Asset Protection Programmes and all physical security measures within the private, government, and corporate sectors. Andrew had a successful 14-year career with the British Army, including deployments in Northern Europe and the GCC during the first Gulf war.

He moved to the Middle East in 2004 to establish a security guarding arm for a leading Bahrain company. Employing over 500 people, he grew the company to become the largest and most successful security guarding company in the country, setting benchmarks in operating procedures that were subsequently adopted by the Bahraini government. He has worked closely with the Bahrain Ministry of Customs Affairs to deliver trained drug and explosives canine search teams to all ports of entry into Bahrain and conduct dog handling training for local customs officers.

Andrew is part of the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS), a Certified Protection Professional (CPP), Physical Security Professional (PSP), qualified Ports and Facilities Security Officer (PFSO), Pipeline Security Specialist (PSS). He is also Vice Secretary of Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC) and the former Chairman of the Bahrain’s ASIS chapter.

Michael Horowitz, Head of Intelligence

Michael Horowitz is a renowned specialist in political and security risk management, with a focus on MENA and OSINT. After completing degrees in International Affairs at Science Po (IEP Paris) and gaining an M.S. in Management in HEC, Europe’s leading business school, he worked in a number of senior business, marketing and analyst roles before bringing his in-depth knowledge of the MENA region and the field of crisis management to Le Beck. Michael has a comprehensive network of sources gathered during his years as an analyst that involved developing extensive contacts across the region.

Michael’s commentary and analysis can be found in multiple international and regional outlets, including major International publications including the Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, BBC, and AP.


Our Expert Advisors

The core strength of Le Beck lies in its human capital. We have a dynamic pool of specialist advisors and analysts who are internationally sourced from around the globe, all fully equipped with the practical skills and field-specific training suited to the region they are appointed to.

Le Beck advisors and analysts bring with them an abundance of global experience from well established careers in intelligence, research and analysis, Special Forces, defence, technology, law enforcement, and have an unmatched understanding of the regional landscapes in which they operate.


“Le Beck advisors are the heart and soul of the organisation; we recruit globally to source the right talent and mobilise locally to fully integrate them into the local culture. Having our international advisors easily accessible and at arm’s reach facilitates the marriage of expertise and local acumen that gives Le Beck its defining edge”.

Karen Hardeman, Communications Manager

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