Who We Are

Le Beck International Ltd is a Leading Specialist Risk Management and Business Resilience consultancy company with a dedicated presence in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).

Since establishing its regional headquarters in the Kingdom of Bahrain in 2001, Le Beck has evolved into the leading consultancy in its field. Trusted and highly respected, it has continued to expand its reach and client portfolio to include major government entities and private establishments covering Financial and Critical Infrastructure sectors, as well as Mega City and Major Mixed Use Development projects.  

Operating out of its fully-fledged offices in Bahrain and Riyadh, Le Beck has solidified its brand reputation on the strength of its international expertise and in-depth local acumen. The Company is fully conversant with the local dynamics, cultural sensitivities and socio-political landscape that influence the countries it operates in. Our specialist advisory and analysis services are fully aligned to meet the needs of the individual clients, their respective industries and the complex regional market environments.

Le Beck stands proud as an independent practitioner and pursues business growth by nurturing enduring relationships with its clients built on objectivity, service excellence, and mutual trust.

Le Beck is mandated to empower our clients to implement operationally effective solutions that protect its most critical assets of its people, its business and their brand reputation.


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Company Philosophy:

“Our mandate is solid – to empower our clients with the tools to protect themselves so they have the ability to mitigate identified risks, threats and vulnerabilities in order to better protect their most critical assets – their people, their business and their brand reputation”. 

Tony Tesar, Group Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

International experience. Local knowledge.