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Le Beck’s head of intelligence quoted in The Telegraph – Israeli strikes in Syria

Israel said it struck dozens of Iranian targets in Syria early on Wednesday in retaliation for rockets fired by Iranian troops into the Golan Heights a day earlier.

Several Syrian regime air defence batteries were also destroyed after Bashar al-Assad’s forces fired on the raiding Israeli warplanes, the Israeli military said.

Syrian state media claimed two civilians were killed in the attack.

The strikes punctured what has been a period of relative quiet in Israel’s air campaign against Iran in Syria. Israel’s government says it can accept the Assad’s victory in Syria’s civil war but cannot tolerate Iran using Syrian territory as a base for attacks against Israel

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GDN Security Spotlight – More than just paperwork

Le Beck’s head of intelligence was quoted in Bild

Le Beck’s head of intelligence was quoted in Bild (GER) regarding the Turkish offensive in northeastern Syria: 

“Turkey will try to advance as much as it is allowed,” “I think the current objective is to capture Tal Tamr. Turkey wants to maintain as much leverage as possible on Russia and on the SDF, and Tal Tamr controls a critical junction of the M4 road and serves as a staging ground for the regime and the SDF.

“There are reasons to think Russia did tacitly approve of Turkey’s advances.”

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GDN Security Spotlight – Choosing the ‘Hardware’

Le Beck’s head of intelligence quoted by several outlets – death of IS’s Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

““The death of a jihadist leader is always a dangerous moment for the group as it can lead to internal struggles”

 “In general, however, jihadist groups do tend to survive such strikes,” “[Osama] bin Laden was replaced by his former number two, [Ayman] al-Zawahiri, a much less charismatic leader, but one that still heads a powerful and global terror franchise.”

“What al-Baghdadi’s death won’t reverse is Washington’s gradual loss of influence in Syria and the region as a whole, and the perception that America is not a dependable ally.”

“Whatever was done after [the US withdrawal], including the ceasefire and pledge to maintain some US presence to protect ‘the oil’, can only be described as chaotic damage control””

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Le Beck’s head of intelligence was quoted in German newspaper

Le Beck’s head of intelligence was quoted in Bild (German – Paywalled) regarding the Turkish offensive in northeastern Syria:

“Turkey, the Syrian regime, Iran and Russia are the main winners following the US withdrawal. I would also say that ISIS [the Islamic State] is also given an unprecedented and unexpected opportunity to regroup and rise again.”

“Erdogan is one of the main winners of the US withdrawal. The offensive is likely to help him consolidate support at home, where he has recently been challenged. In Syria, the US withdrawal killed the prospect of an autonomous Kurdish-controlled entity. Even Assad’s deployments along the border wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing for Ankara, as Erdogan can hope to eventually secure some form of agreement with Russia.”

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GDN Security Spotlight – Crisis planning is essential

Le Beck quoted in AP’s article on recent attacks in Saudi Arabia

Le Beck’s head of intelligence was quoted in AP’s article on the recent attacks in Saudi Arabia:

“”The main point for Iran, in my opinion, is not necessarily to derail a meeting between Trump and Rouhani but to increase its leverage ahead of it,” said Michael Horowitz, the head of intelligence at the Bahrain-based risk management firm Le Beck International. “By carrying out such a major attack, Iran wants to send the message that the only way to decrease tensions is to comply with its demands regarding sanctions relief.”

However, he warned there could be a danger of Iran “overplaying” its hand.”

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Le Beck quoted in Malaysian news paper – The Straight Times

16 terror suspects nabbed in Malaysia

Malaysia has arrested 16 people on suspicion of terrorism, including a person said to have been plotting attacks on unnamed politicians and non-Muslims.

The 16 suspects – 12 Indonesians, three Malaysians and one Indian – were nabbed between July 10 and Sept 25 in Sabah, Selangor, Sarawak, Penang, Pahang, Kuala Lumpur and Johor.

One of the Malaysian suspects had planned to stage attacks in the country following “negative comments” allegedly about Islam and insulting to the Malays, said Counter Terrorism Division chief Ayob Khan Mydin Pitchay.

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