Custom Special Reports

These reports are issue-focused that take an in-depth look at an ongoing trend or development and that combine expert analysis with data and maps.

The following are samples and/or extracts:

MENA – Anti-Aircraft Weaponry

This report is a short extract of Le Beck’s special reports on aviation security in the Middle East. This extract focuses on anti-aircraft weapons in the hands of some of the various militias operating in the region.

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Iran – Protests

While the protests have shaken the Iranian establishment, the regime still has many ways to crackdown, water down, and eventually mute the demonstrations. After initially being hesitant as to how to address the protests, in part due to efforts by conservatives to exploit the movement, statements blaming foreign enemies, including from Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, and frequent pro-government rallies signals a more decisive mobilisation of the regime.

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Saudi Arabia & MENA – MERS-CoV

New infections of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS-CoV) continues to be reported in Saudi Arabia, as well as other areas in the Middle East and globally (although the latter are primarily exported cases). However, improved responses and procedures, particularly in medical facilities, contributed to a 48.6% decline in new cases from 457 in 2015 to 235 in 2016. Notably, there is no apparent link between outbreaks and the Hajj.

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“Custom reports are tailored to our client’s security needs and areas of interest, allowing us to do a deep dive into any requested issue, specifically addressing their questions and concerns.”

Thomas Petit, Deputy Head of Intelligence.

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