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We live in a time of information overload where news reaches us through an endless supply of sources and platforms. The challenge is not only to identify the most relevant and trustworthy content, but to do so in a timely manner and immediately understand the wider impact of security, political, economic, and environmental events unfolding across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

The right information, at the right time, to the right person.

Le Beck Alerts provides real-time security and threat-related reports on events across the MENA region by providing emergency alerts straight to your phone. Each event is chosen based on relevance and includes details, context, concise analysis, as well as an interactive map that reveals your proximity to the incident being reported. This is all gathered through open and proprietary sources that are consolidated, verified, and updated as an event develops. We begin with coverage Sunday through Thursday during business hours and our users will be on the front lines of our expansion, both in hours and places of coverage.

Users can customise their settings to receive only those alerts relevant to their countries of interest, while also accessing a comprehensive database of historical events and a calendar that lists each incident that occurred by date. Our interactive mapping also means that users can see as precise a location as possible with the touch of a button.


Individual users can download Le Beck Alerts for iPhone and Android devices for a two-week free trial and then choose from our very competitively priced options going forward. These options allow everyone from corporate executives and security managers to dependents, journalists, academics, and students to stay informed of critical events, emergency alerts, and historical data, all of which is presented in a way that is bespoke, impartial, and relevant to your geographic location.

In addition to all the benefits of an individual subscriber, our corporate and group clients have access to unbeatable discounts that only grow as the number of users rises.

Package Options Monthly Price Per User Annual Price Per User
Individual Subscription USD 15 USD 150
Corporate/Group Package: 10-19 users USD 115

(Save up to $665 per year!)

Corporate/Group Package: 20-49 users USD 105

(Save up to $2,205 per year!)

Corporate/Group Package: 50+ users USD 95

(Save $2,750 per year!)

Le Beck Alerts allows users to:

  • Customise settings to receive alerts on the most recent and relevant events in the MENA region and worldwide.
  • Delve deeper into issues to fully understand what impact these events may have on their immediate environment and the region, and how to respond.
  • Use our interactive map to see as precise locations of incidents as possible, as well as their proximity to the user.
  • Access a comprehensive database of reports for a large selection of countries in the MENA region.
  • Access locations and directions to local police stations and hospitals.
  • Integrate customised mapping for an added fee in order to identify offices, business facilities, "no-go" areas, BCP/DR locations, preferred hotels, and any other locations to increase protection, including for employees, families, and dependents.
  • Provide news tips and other information to make Le Beck Alerts as precise as possible for yourself and other users.
  • Be on the front line of our expansion of coverage hours and into other countries and regions.


Le Beck Alerts will help you understand the wider impact of security, political, economic, and environmental events unfolding across the MENA region. We monitor open source media so you don’t have to, providing timely information and valuable analysis on the most current events.”

Andrew Voxman, Senior Regional Security Analyst (RSA)




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