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Security Spotlight – Checks & balances 02

Security Spotlight – The checks and balances

Le Beck’s head of intelligence – quoted in L’Orient le Jour

“While Hamas has maintained a precarious calm with the Jewish state for almost a year, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad attempted to stand out by taking a much more hostile attitude towards Israel – one it can afford since it does not have to provide for the needs of the civilian population of Gaza (unlike Hamas).”

“Israel attempted to restore some form of deterrence against the group with the targeted assassination of one of its commanders last November. Yet, it is clear that this did not change the group’s strategy.”

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Le Beck’s head of intelligence quoted in the Telegraph – Anti-aircraft systems

Le Beck’s head of intelligence was quoted in the Telegraph regarding the use of Man-portable anti-aircraft systems (MANPADS – shoulder-fired surface to air missiles) by opposition forces in Syria.

“I think it is likely that Turkey either supplied or approved the use of a previously supplied MANPADS. These systems are kept under close watch, and they have only been used, lately at least, during times of greater tensions between Turkey and the pro-regime camp,”

“MANPADS could be used to target civilian air traffic, particularly during the landing and take-off phase, thus presenting a significant threat to aviation. This is one of the main concern and reason why many countries have limited their supply of MANPADS to rebels or acted to prevent the unsanctioned used of such weapons,”

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Le Beck quoted in French news paper – Crisis in Lebanon

“Lebanon is burning. World leaders at Davos have little interest in putting it out,” in Euronews.

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Senior regional security analyst at Le Beck International: Euro News – Lebanon is burning

After months of near-constant protests, Lebanon is on fire. Rising tensions over the country’s deteriorating economy, coupled with an unhurried political class, have prompted protesters to attack Lebanese banks and clash with security forces in Beirut.

While rioters broke into storefronts and threw flares at police, protesters’ tents were torn and burned down in a stark image underscoring a crisis the likes of which Lebanon has not seen since the end of the country’s Civil War in 1989.

In a metaphor parallel to the fires in the streets of Beirut, the country’s Central Bank (Banque du Liban) continues to burn through dollar deposits financed by borrowing from private Lebanese banks as it tries to make loan interest payments and simultaneously shore up the rapidly depreciating Lebanese lira.

With the lira having lost more than 60% of its value since last summer, and with withdrawal limits in place, average Lebanese people have struggled to pay for fuel and other basic goods.

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Security Spotlight – The business of monitoring

Security Spotlight – Find the right managers

Security Spotlight – Protecting property

Le Beck’s head of intelligence quoted in the Telegraph

“For Rouhani, I think this really represents quite a unique chance to get back at the Guards, the first since President Trump withdrew from the Iran deal, which invalidated Rouhani’s strategy of negotiating with the West,”

“The Revolutionary Guards have been gaining even more influence since the US withdrawal, and Rouhani will not pass this opportunity to discreetly hit the powerful Revolutionary Guards where it hurts.”

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