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Le Beck quoted in (FR) La Croix on the recent round of escalation in Gaza

Le Beck was quoted in French Newspaper La Croix on the recent round of escalation in Gaza, as well as its political implications. Le Beck’s Deputy Head of Intel commented that Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu would “have prefered to concentrate on the question of Iran, which makes him look like the only leader in Israel capable of going head to head with superpowers, such as Russia.”

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Le Beck wrote for Divergent Options in Islamic State communication

Le Beck analyst Kierat Ranautta-Sambhi penned an article in Divergent Options regarding the strategic communication used by Islamic State (IS) in order to recruit in Syria: “In relatively simple terms”, writes Ranautta-Sambhi, Daesh’s strategic communications included incorporating a trifecta of local issues: (1) anti-Assad sentiment, (2) sectarian cleavages, and (3) socio-economic challenges. All three issues remain unresolved despite the collapse of the territorial caliphate. Given the initial success of such narratives in gaining support for the group, and the fact that such issues have outlasted Daesh’s initial territorial successes, this trifecta of grievances could still pose a threat moving forward, even as Daesh shifts (back) towards insurgency”.

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Bahrain-based Le Beck launches new office in Malaysia

MANAMA, 5 days ago
Le Beck International, a leading specialist security and risk management consultancy company with offices in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, has announced the formal registration and opening of its new regional head office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
The office has been opened in response to an increasing demand for its security services in South East Asia, the company said.

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The National speaks with Le Beck about Trump and Islamic State

“The danger is not only to see an ISIS resurgence but also to have such a resurgence coincide with potential conflicts between rival forces”, explains deputy Head of Intel Michael Horowitz.

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L’Orient Le Jour (FR) speaks with Le Beck about the future of the US-led anti-IS campaign

“Most participating countries will look to the United States for potential options. They may be disappointed. Elements within the Trump administration still seem to believe that Arab forces could potentially be deployed to replace its own but it was unrealistic months ago, before the announced withdrawal of the United States, and it’s even less realistic now that the United States has made it clear that they are not planning to stay in Syria”.

Read the full article here in French

The National speaks with Le Beck on Pompeo’s Middle East tour

“The withdrawal means that this option is off the table and the GCC now has to revert to a Plan B, namely, trying to drive a wedge between Damascus and Tehran. Whether they will be able to do so is far from certain and I think Gulf countries are realistic about what they can achieve given Iran’s deep penetration in the Assad regime,” said Michael Horowitz, deputy head of intelligence at Le Beck International.

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Le Beck speaks with BILD (DE) about Trump’s remarks on Iran’s presence in Syria

“Following Donald Trump’s statement on Wednesday that Iran can do what it wants to do in Syria”, Deputy Head of Intel Michael Horowitz explained, “Israel will have to accelerate its campaign against Iran and once again play up the possibility of an ‘escalation’ to get Moscow’s attention as Russia remains the last superpower standing in Syria”.

Read the full article in German here

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