Corporate Services

Le Beck takes pride in providing objective, independent and impartial risk management and security advice that is always bespoke to an organisation’s needs and corporate objectives. Our services are flexible, practical and above all, personal.

With every solution, we strive to equip our clients with the essential knowledge, tools and holistic security and safety plans to help them identify and mitigate any potential risks to their business operation.

We tailor solutions by conducting a 360-degree assessment of a client’s risk and security profile. We evaluate both internal and external factors that could disrupt business continuity and we assign a dedicated Senior Security Adviser to each project to ensure full alignment, consistency and effective contract management. This culminates in the production of a strategic plan and operational procedures that define roles, responsibilities and accountability matrixes, resulting in enhanced effectiveness, value-added engineering and overall cost efficiency.

Our main services include:

Corporate Services

  • Safety and Security Master Plans
  • Safety and Security Risk Assessments
  • Crisis Management and Business Continuity Plans
  • Security System Design and Implementation
  • Fire Safety and Evacuation Procedures
  • Corporate Security and Safety Plans


Intelligence and Analysis Services

  • Daily Security Briefs
  • Incident Analysis Reports
  • Customised Intelligence and Threat Analysis Reports
  • Due Diligence and Vetting Services
  • Country Threat Assessments and Interactive Incident Maps


Note: Bundled product packages and solutions are available to suit your organisational and business needs. Please contact us for more information.


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Why Le Beck?

Service Benefits and Keys to Success:

  • We have been offering specialist Risk Management and Business Resilience consultancy services in the MENA region since 2004. Our advisors all have extensive international experience that is combined with enhanced local knowledge, an understanding of cultural sensitivities and the regulatory requirements.
  • Our independent and objective advice ensures that all recommendations are in a client’s best interests. This results in exceptional value engineering, cost efficiency and operational effectiveness.
  • We always provide our clients a dedicated Senior Advisor in order to ensure continuity and enable direct and effective communications. We consider trust essential, and any advice and involvement with our clients is kept strictly confidential.


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“Our services are flexible, practical and above all, personal. With every solution, we strive to address our clients’ needs and provide a vital security framework  to help them mitigate all possible risks to their business operation.”

Nick Archbold, Chief Security Advisor (CSA).

International experience. Local knowledge.