HNWIs and Family Groups

Le Beck manages a substantial portfolio of high profile, high risk and High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI) as well as their family networks.

We offer clients expert assessments, audits and recommendations for the protection of their international non-financial assets. This includes physical Security Risk Assessments of property portfolios, private aircraft and yachts, art and antique collections and other valuables kept in numerous locations around the world.

We conduct preliminary security screening of destinations ahead of travel by the primary client and have been extensively involved in vetting/auditing existing security systems, personnel and service providers to ensure their effectiveness and relevance.

Le Beck’s strategically located network of personnel can deliver expert advice and discrete cover of family members during their vacations, shopping trips and University placements overseas.

No two clients are the same and it is only with a thorough understanding of their personal and business needs that Le Beck can recommend the most suitable services. We offer our clients a single point of contact to ensure the establishment of a relationship built on trust and confidence that addresses every security and safety concern for them personally, their families and their business activities.

Summary of Services:

  • Security Risk Assessments and Audits of:
    • International Property Portfolio
    • Close Protection and Personal Security
    • Valuable Non-Financial Assets
    • Business Interests and Due Diligence
  • Bespoke Intelligence, Threat and Emergency Messaging Service
  • Family Security Assistance
  • Electronic Counter Surveillance Measures
  • Personnel Vetting and Background Checks
  • Monitoring of Social Media Exposure and Personal Reputation


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“We have been providing our specialist security consultancy to clients since 2004 and we pride ourselves in the discrete, confidential and impartial nature of our services.”

Tony Tesar, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

International experience. Local knowledge.