In addition to managing MENAlert, the analyst team at Le Beck offers a variety of products aimed at addressing all your security, risk, and intelligence needs.

This includes Monthly Security Briefs, Interactive Incident Maps, Country Threat Assessments (CTA), and custom analyses designed for your needs.

Our aim is to use data to bolster our expert analysis in order to provide you with a fact-based picture of what already happened and what might occur next. And at some of the most competitive prices out there.

Monthly Security Briefs & Interactive Maps

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Le Beck offers two must-have products that save you time and effort by providing a concise and useful monthly overview and analysis of our countries of coverage.

Offered monthly, Le Beck’s team of experienced analysts compile all incidents reported by MENAlert for the pertinent month and transform this information into a monthly, data-driven report. In addition to this Monthly Security Brief, we offer an interactive map that allows you to see key hotspots and evaluate the level of risk for areas of interest. For an extra charge, you can customise these maps, adding office locations, business facilities, compounds and residences, BCP/DR locations, preferred hotels, and more.

At present, Le Beck offers these products for Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Egypt (mainland), and Turkey (Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir). As we expand, we will be adding more countries to this list.

As with MENAlert, our prices are competitive, with discounts for annual and/or multi-country subscribers. For more information, please see below or contact us directly at


Monthly Security Brief

Driven by data collected through MENAlert and collated by our experienced analysts, the Monthly Security Brief presents a snapshot of the month using easy-to-read charts and concise analysis that addresses key issues. Our samples are offered below:

Interactive Incident Maps

All incidents covered by MENAlert for a specific month and country are presented on an interactive Google Map. Each location has an identifiable icon and is paired with the details and date of the event. Add a map with any and all locations of interest for an extra charge. Our samples are offered below:


Le Beck is proud of its competitive pricing: We offer these products individually, but with a discount if you buy them together; we offer them monthly or ad hoc, but with a discount if you purchase a yearly subscription; we offer them by country, but with a discount if your interest isn’t limited to a single territory.

Monthly Price / Country Annual Price / Country Price for Multiple Countries
Monthly Security Brief USD 350 USD 3,600

(Save $600 annually!)




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Interactive Incident Maps USD 300 USD 3,000

(Save $600 annually!)

Monthly Report Package (Brief & Map)  USD 550

(Save $100 per month!)

USD 5,400

(Save $900 annually!)

Map customisation (client-specific) USD 400

(One-time fee)

USD 400

(One-time fee)


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Country Threat Assessments (CTAs)

Our CTAs provide a comprehensive overview of threats and considerations necessary for operating in the country at hand. It addresses all key topics and assigns each a threat level, including crime, political and fiscal risk and stability, as well as any potential issues related to health, the environment, and culture.


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Custom Analyses & Regional Reports

Le Beck offers custom analyses and regional reports on a range of countries and topics that are built by you and for you alongside our team of experienced analysts. Like our Monthly Briefs, we use data to bolster analysis, specifically addressing the issues you care about, in the countries of your interest, whenever you need it. Samples are available below:


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“We study patterns and trends to provide a fact-based evaluation of the most relevant issues happening globally.”

Miriam Eps, Team Lead – Regional Security Analyst (RSA)

International experience. Local knowledge.

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