1. What is your role in Le Beck and how did you get to the security field?

I am a Senior Security Adviser with a specific focus in the financial sector. I spent a number of years in both the South African military and the South African Police force. I retired from the police force having worked as a detective within the specialised Commercial Crime Unit, investigating high value fraud and corruption. This was a precursor to my moving into the security field including Bahrain specifically in the hospitality, banking and later in Oil and Gas with Chevron Corporation as their National Security Operations Manager for Iraq.

2. What would you recommend to a client that would find him/herself in such circumstances? What should he or she have done prior to that in terms of contingency planning?

Financial security differs in that it is multi faceted as it incorporates auditing, physical security, manned guarding, electronic security as well as training to name a few of the activities.

The aim is to ensure an effective overall security strategy that meets the current threat requirements while at the same time building resilience and planning for the future. Doing so in a cost effective manner that supports the business plan of the bank and protects the reputational integrity of the bank

3. What do you think is Le Beck’s experience and competitive advantage when it comes to protecting financial entities?
LBi has a broad footprint in terms of skill set and expertise. This covers investigations, technical and engineering as well as multi national exposure to say the least. All this harnessed together allows LBi to present our clients with a robust security experience and capability.