This short interview takes a look at what’s on our CEO’s mind this week, and how Le Beck responds to regional developments to support our clients.

As we entered the month-long Ramadan holiday, and as a security professional my thoughts are turned towards securing our clients’ assets during the month-long holiday. Unfortunately, over the past years, several jihadist groups, particularly the Islamic State have used the holiday to try and carry out as many attacks as possible. This year even more than the others we are paying close attention to the group’s activities and taking measures to secure our client’s assets. This stems from our analyst team’s assessment that the group will try to counterbalance the loss of its “Caliphate” through a series of attacks, a trend we have already seen over the past weeks.

We are advising our clients to make sure they understand their response capabilities in the event of an incident and also making sure their call tree is tested for the Crisis Management Team. It is also good practice to keep a closer eye on those travelling during this period and make sure all their contact numbers are up to date.