What’s on all of our minds is the current uptick in tensions between the US and Iran and how this has and may continue to affect the region, particularly the Gulf and the energy sector. The assessment of our analyst team is that things are unlikely to escalate to the level of an actual conflict, but as security professionals, we still need to take into consideration the risk of both miscalculations, as well as that of smaller yet still significant developments that may affect the regional landscape.

Whilst there are always tensions in the Middle East with rhetoric and brinkmanship as a constant backdrop, this can be escalated when external players decide to make their mark. This can be even more worrying when there is no clear message and direction as people will always assume the worst.

For companies located and operating in areas that would be affected if this escalated even further, this is the time to check your security structure is both effective and fit for purpose. Checks should be made on proactive and reactive safety and security measures. It is not often you get the luxury of receiving a warning, so do not make the mistake of ignoring it.